PyData Miami 2022

Aleksandra Kalisz

Ola is a Senior Research Scientist and she currently leads the Reinforcement Learning team at Exscientia. Together with her team, she guides Exscientia's strategy for building new methods that can produce molecules which optimise a desired set of properties and can lead to finding new drug candidates. Prior to joining Exscientia Ola worked on different applications of Reinforcement Learning at the A*STAR institute in Singapore, California Institute of Technology as well as at the University of Edinburgh where she graduated.

  • Finding new drugs with AI and Reinforcement Learning
Brittany Fox

Brittany Fox is the owner and co-founder of Focus Global Talent Solutions, one of the fastest-growing niche IT staffing agencies in South Florida. She is passionate about changing the way recruitment is done in tech, guaranteeing immediate results upon engagement, and serving clients the best candidates they will ever encounter. As a huge believer in changing the face of technology, Brittany champions and supports women to help them get the roles they deserve.

  • Panel Discussion - Lessons in Diversity and Leadership: Driving Positive Change
Colleen Farrelly

Colleen Farrelly is a lead data scientist whose expertise spans many industries and machine learning applications, including topological data analysis, NLP, and time series methods. She volunteers her time as a mentor on projects related to her expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Panel Discussion - Lessons in Diversity and Leadership: Driving Positive Change
  • NLP: Challenges and Opportunities in the Developing World
David Talby

David Talby is a chief technology officer at John Snow Labs, helping healthcare & life science companies put AI to good use. David is the creator of Spark NLP – the world’s most widely used natural language processing library in the enterprise. He has extensive experience building and running web-scale software platforms and teams – in startups, for Microsoft’s Bing in the US and Europe, and to scale Amazon’s financial systems in Seattle and the UK. David holds a PhD in computer science and master’s degrees in both computer science and business administration.

  • State-of-the-art Text Mining with Spark NLP
Eduardo Blancas

Eduardo Blancas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ploomber, a Y Combinator-backed company developing tools to bridge the gap between interactive data work and production. Before that, he was a Data Scientist at Fidelity Investments, where he deployed the first customer-facing Machine Learning model for asset management. Eduardo holds an M.S. in Data Science from Columbia University and a B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

  • ML without the Ops: Running Experiments at Scale with Ploomber on AWS Batch
Eyal Wiransky

Artificial Intelligence specialist and mentor, a senior software engineer, and a technology community leader. Eyal started his software engineering career as a pioneer in the field of voice over IP, and is currently a member of the data platform team at Gradle, working on the ML-based predictive test selection. Eyal leads the Jacksonville (FL) Java user group as well as the Enterprise AI user group, and writes the developer-oriented blog 'ai4java'. He is the author of the book 'Hands-On Genetic Algorithms with Python' (Packt).

  • How to Enhance Your Machine Learning Models with Genetic Algorithms
Ido Michael

Ido Michael co-founded Ploomber to help data scientists build faster. He'd been working at AWS leading data engineering/science teams. Single-handedly he built hundreds of data pipelines during those customer engagements together with his team. He came to NY for his MS at Columbia University. He focused on building Ploomber after he constantly found that projects dedicated about 30% of their time just to refactoring the dev work (prototype) into a production pipeline.

  • ML without the Ops: Running Experiments at Scale with Ploomber on AWS Batch
Mark Moyou

Dr. Mark Moyou is a Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA on the Retail team focused on enabling scalable machine learning for the nation's top Retailers. Before NVIDIA, he was a Data Science Manager in the Professional Services division at Lucidworks, an Enterprise Search and Recommendations company. Prior to Lucidworks, he was a Data Scientist at Alstom Transportation where he applied Data Science to the Railroad Industry. Mark holds a PhD and MSc in Systems Engineering and a BSc in Chemical Engineering. His machine learning research in grad school focused on 2D and 3D Geometric shape matching and retrieval, object detection in video streams, anomaly detection in IP stream data and concrete crack detection of bridge structures. On the side, Mark runs the Caribbean Data Science Podcast and the Southern Data Science Conference.

  • Panel Discussion - Lessons in Diversity and Leadership: Driving Positive Change
  • Leveraging open source inference servers for standardizing model deployments on CPUs and GPUs
Nelson Correa

Nelson is Founder and CEO of Andinum, Inc., and has 30 years of experience in natural language processing, machine learning and software development. Prior to Andinum, Nelson was data architect and data scientist at Bank of America; postdoctoral researcher, visiting scientist and senior software engineer in natural language processing at IBM Research; Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Universidad de los Andes; and Vice-president of Engineering at two VC-funded startups in New York. Nelson holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Mathematics from Syracuse University.

  • Enterprise Semantic Search with Python Large Language Models
Noelle Silver Russell

Noelle Silver Russell is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur who specializes in advising companies on emerging technology, cloud, AI and Web 3.0. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Alexa, and is a consistent champion for public understanding of the ethical use of AI and tech based on her work building some of the largest AI Models in the world. She is the founder of AI Leadership Institute and serves as an executive at IBM. She was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Artificial Intelligence as well as VentureBeat’s Women in AI Responsibility and Ethics award.

  • Panel Discussion - Lessons in Diversity and Leadership: Driving Positive Change
  • Responsible AI at Scale
Ray Bell

Ray Bell is currently a Principal Data Scientist at DTN. Ray's role involves implementing advanced data analysis for business strategy for Weather, Energy and Agriculture.

Ray has experience in implementing novel solutions to big problems in sectors such as Hospitality, Defense as well as Oil and Gas. Ray has developed data mining techniques on High Performance Computers and machine learning algorithms to optimize forecasts.

Ray is a Project Management Professional, holds a Ph.D. in climate science from the University of Reading, England and is a software carpentry instructor. Ray became a level 5 chartered manager with the Chartered Management Institute in 2015 and was a charted member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology while working at BP.

  • Sailing through AIS data using MovingPandas
William Falcon

William Falcon is the founder and CEO of Lightning AI. He previously created PyTorch Lightning as well as the now-acquired NextGenVest. He began work on these projects while completing a PhD at NYU funded by Google DeepMind and the NSF, as a researcher at Facebook AI, and while working at Goldman Sachs.

  • Speed up your Machine Learning Applications with Lightning AI